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APS Klasik Zastosowaliśmy lekką 19mm kopułkę wysokotonową zapewniającą detaliczny dźwięk i doskonałe charakterystyki kierunkowe. Precyzyjny i szybki bas ze szczegółową średnicą to zasługa świetnego 7 calowego woofera z silnym i zaawansowanym technologicznie obwodem magnetycznym.

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The Kenton Thru-5 is a small box for splitting MIDI signals. The signal at MIDI input is being output at five parallel MIDI Thrus.

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Merge up to 4 separate sources into a single MIDI data stream which appears at both of the 2 MIDI out sockets.

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The Kenton Thru-25 is a massive box for splitting MIDI signals.The signal at MIDI input is being output at twentyfive parallel MIDI Thrus.

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McMillen - QuNexus is the most versatile keyboard we could dream up. Equal parts portable and powerful, QuNexus delivers professional sound and connectivity, and is durable enough to survive whatever life on the road may throw at you. Highly programmable and customizable, QuNexus connects to every electronic instrument and software package in your studio, putting control back in your hands.

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Erica Synths Midi Thru

510,36 zł

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MIDI Step Sequencer - has 32 parameter lines which can be freely configured and linked with each other

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Receives MIDI clock and stop/start data and converts them to DIN-Sync (Sync-24). Also converts DIN-Sync back to MIDI.

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Mix Performer -18-kanałowy Performance Mixer z sekcjami Step- Sequenced FX, Transport i Tempo

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kat. Modules

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Slave / MIDI-CV converter with AutoTuner (kat. modules) 

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Master module (1 needed per set of VCS) (kat. modules)

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A true analog step sequencer with three rows of eight steps for generating control voltages and trigger signals. The RS-200 impresses with an internal, voltage controllable clock generator, portamento, reset start/stop functions and a voltage influenced skip feature

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Stand alone 49 note keyboard controller that transforms any modular synthesizer into a Performance instrument. With its built in midi/cv converter, joystick and portamento ,single and multiple triggering features to name a few this best seller is ideal for arp 2600,moog 55,Roland 100m etc..for information on the fitted rs220 and rs330 see separate section. Voltage Selector for 115v and 230v

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The French Connection combines a conventionel keyboard with other controllers line a string-guided glissando ring á la Ondes Martenot, then a wooden pressure-sensitive button and finally a joystick. The unit produces exclusively control voltages and gates, its enclosure is made of finest walnut wood.

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