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d3m is a modular organ masterkeyboard system and is intended as a control unit for organ emulations of  Native Instruments B4. The system has two modules available: the keyboard unit d3m and the control unit d3c (running out).

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A bass pedal d3b is in preparation as the third module of the system. Each of the modules can be used alone or in combination with the other modules. The maximum system consists of two keyboard units d3m and one control unit d3c connected with two wooden side plates.
The basic part of the modular d3m system is the keyboard module d3m. d3m contains a 5 octave manual with feeling and looking modelled on the classic examples (so-called waterfall keyboard with ivory keys). In addition it has 22 buttons for program change available. Each button is equipped with a blue LED. Following previous organ designs the buttons are organized as 10 preset bank buttons and 12 preset number buttons. The 12 number buttons
correspond to the different colored lowest octave that was available in previous organs. Additionally a foot controller and a foot switch can be connected. Both are programmable (e.g. volume for the foot controller and sustain or rotary speaker on/off for the foot switch). The keyboard is equipped with Midi In and Midi Out and offers Midi velocity. Two (or even more) of these manuals can be daisy-chained via midi out/in as upper/lower manual. The
keyboards are distinguished by different midi channels.
 For the power supply an external AC adapter is used (an adapter for 230V AC and European type of mains connector is NOT! included for all shipments within Europe, for other countries please contact the representative in your country). Two DC sockets are available at the rear panel of each d3m for daisy-chaining the power supply for several d3m/d3c. In this case only one AC adapter is required for all devices. The corresponding short DC cable is included with the d3m (~ 30cm).
Several keyboard modules can be mounted together. For this threads are available at the rear and bottom side of the case. By means of corner braces the keyboard can be mounted together in two ways: with hidden or accessible button section of the lower keyboard. These threads are even used to mount the optional control unit d3c.
The case is made of black coated aluminium (not a cheap plastic case). The measures are about L87xT25xH9 cm and the weight is about 6.5 kg.
In the first place d3m was developed as a control keyboard for organ emulations ( B4 ). But it may be used as a "normal" Midi keyboard as well e.g. to control an organ expander. However the program change selection is - due to the historical examples - a bit unusual for this application as it is based on the bank/number structure (i.e. 10 banks with 12 numbers each). For that purpose the user's manual contains table that shows the conversion of bank
and number into the corresponding Midi program change number.

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