Erica Synths Pico VCO

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It's great, deep sounding VCO with 32 selected waves – classical, fattened with sub-oscillator, FM synth and others

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Typically you need several rather expensive modules to generate similar sounds. Extra feature – flip a switch, and you have a versatile LFO!     
    2 banks, each contains 16 waves
    VCO/LFO mode
    Voltage controlled wavesurfing
    Wave morphing in LFO setting
With Pico Series we challenged ourselves – can we make ANY superior functionality synth module 3HP wide and affordable? Yes, we can.
        Technical specification:
VCO frequency range    30Hz – 5kHz
LFO frequency range    0,1Hz – 20Hz
Output amplitude    10Vptp
Power consumption    +26mA, -4mA
Module width 3HP
Module depth 35mm

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If You don't want scratches on Your modules , You'll need this!  ⌀  3M washers.
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