Erica Synths Pico RND

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Erica Pico RND is combined LFO/random source module

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It generates sine LFO waves, white noise, S&H CV and some interesting stuff – random triggers and pulse wave with random duty circle; basically, everything, you need, to bring some uncertainty in your modular setup.
    Sine and pulse LFO with manually controlled frequency
    White noise generator
    LFO rate synchronization to the external clock
    Internally and externally clocked S&H CV output
    Random trigger output
With Pico Series we challenged ourselves – can we make ANY superior functionality synth module 3HP wide and affordable? Yes, we can.
        Technical specification:
LFO frequency range    0,1Hz – 20Hz
Noise output amplitude    10Vptp
LFO and S&H output amplitude    10Vptp
Power consumption    +28mA, -15mA
Module width    3HP
Module depth    35mm

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