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Flying Bus (male pin) are passive power distribution cables that work with the Row Power to distribute power to your modules. Can be daisy-chained if extra headers are needed. Two flying bus cables with a total of 13 male header pins.

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Two "flexible bus boards" with a total of 13 connectors for Eurorack modules. Suitable for TipTop's uZeus and 4ms RowPower.
Flexible bus boards have two advantages: you don't have to glue or screw the power distribution to the housing. And it saves you depth in your cabinet as you can nudge the "flying bus boards" around the modules. />Included are two cables: a longer one with seven and a shorter one with six module connectors.
Each bus cable has several male connectors for plugging in modules and one female plug for connecting to the power supply.
shorter cable: circa 50cm long
longer cable: 65cm long
Weight 0.05 kg

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