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Build your own Stereo Panneur guitar pedal, with the Panneur kit.

The Do-it-yourself kit includes all the parts necessary to build a fully-featured Stereo Panneur. This is an intermediate-level kit, you need some prior experience, and you must have some basic hand tools (flush snips, needle-nose pliers, and a wire stripper).

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Kits include:

  • all components (resistors, capacitors, LEDs, ICs, transistors, sockets, jacks, pots, knob covers, switches, clips, etc..)
  • PCB (optional, see below)
  • drilled cast aluminum or steel box (optional)
  • 26-guage pre-bonded wire
  • Instructions (online at commonsound< /a>)
  • Tech support via the forum

    Stereo Panneur
    • "Pro" green board, doubled sided traces with legend
    • PC board mounting pots to save wiring
    • Fits in 7"x4" square box or larger
    • Each channel (Left/Right) has controls for: Speed, Depth, Smoothness, Symmetry, Spacing, Gain
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