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It's a dual envelope generator with two identical, independent ADSR units which can be both triggered simultaneously by one single trigger due to a normalized jack. All parameters (attack, decay, sustain release and the output level) can be voltage controlled. Besides short A, D and R times a switchable characteristic of the attack for punchy and crisp envelopes (long envelope times are possible)

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Attack time: 0.1ms to10s; decay time: 0.5ms-20s; sustain level: 0-8V; release time: 0.5ms-20s
characteristic of the attack changeable between logarithmic and  exponential. Normal (0 to 8V) and inverted output (-8 to 0V)
ADSR parameters and envelope output level are voltage controllable (0 to 5V).
Gate/Trig reacts on a threshold of 2V or higher, Gate 2 In is pre-patched to Gate 1 In; Trig 2 in is pre-patched to Trig 1 in
Generally all Cwejman modules are screened against interferences, protected against reverse polarity and contain calibration options on the backside, see big photo. Attention: Unlike other manufacturers, the red stripe of Cwejman's flat ribbon cable indicates the positive +12V rail, not the negative one.
per envelope:
- gate input, retrigger input
- CV inputs for atttack ,decay, sustain, release and ADSR level
- positive and inverted envelope output
3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw: 30mA
Weight 0.5 kg

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