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The Starter System 1 A-100BSS1 is a special combination of modules that does not follow the usual synthesizer paths. It is based on system suggestions from A-100 users

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- 1 x MIDI-to-CV/Gate/Sync-Interface A-190-4
- 1 x Trigger-Teiler A-160
- 1x Basis-VCO A-110-2
- 1x Noise/Random A-118
- 1 x Dual-S&H A-148
- 1 x Polarizing Mixer A-138c
- 1 x SEM VCF A-106-5
- 1 x Dual-VCA linear/exponentiall A-132-3
- 1 x Multiple I A-180-2
- 1 x ADSR A-140
- 1 x VCDLFO A-147-2
- 1 x VC Slew-Limiter/Processor A-171-2 (Serge VCS Clone)
By default the modules of the Basic Starter System 1 are mounted into the A-100LC3. But the system is also available built into any A-100 case. Unused rows are closed with blind panels (e.g. A-100BSS1 built into A-100LC6 or A-100P6).

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