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A-100 DIY zestaw # 1 jest kombinacją elementów które pozwalają na tanie zbudowanie własnej skrzyni pod A-100 czy moduły innych producentów

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The A-100 DIY kit #1 is a combination of components that allows the inexpensive do-it-yourself construction of a case for the A-100
- power supply with external transformer (AC output)
- because of safety reasons, no dangerous voltages accessible
- max. current: 1200mA (same as PSU2, but external transformer instead of ring core transformer)
- 2 bus boards
- four 84 HP front rails (427 mm length) for mounting of the modules
- about 160 M3 nuts which have to be inserted into the front rails (as the nuts can be slided to any position even modules of other manufacturer with different position of the mounting holes can be assembled without gaps)
- cable for connections between power supply and bus boards
- sketches with measures (for drilling the holes at the right positions for PSU and bus board mounting)
- building suggestion for wooden case (sketch + list of all required wooden case parts)
- additional installation material like screws, nuts or distant bolts (e.g. for bus boards, power supply board, rails) is not included as these parts depend upon the type of case built by the customer

                  technical details
two busses incl. power supply 
28 connections for modules

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