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The smaller Monster flight case with three rows for mounting 3U eurorack-modules

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- 9 U (3 x 3U)
- useable width: 168 HP
- useable depth for modules: ~ 100 mm
- contains: 2 power supplies A-100PSU3 (2000mA), 6 bus boards
Outside dimensions (with front cover, closed state): ~ 90 (length) x 48 (height) x 23 (depth) cm
Weight of the case (incl. bus boards, power supplies, with front cover, without modules): ~ 14 kg
Outside dimensions of the single case (without front cover): ~ 90 (length) x 48 (height) x 18 (depth) cm
Max. module current: 2.4A (two power supplies 1.2A each, one power supply is assigned to three bus boards)
        About the manufacturer
The modular system in Euroack format with only 3 height units is basically a development by Dieter Doepfer from Munich. Because of their classic layout these modules are easy to understand, usable in many different ways and often even allow modifications to expand their functionality further. Mounting these modules is easy. Modules, patch cables and other additional accessories are in contrast to most of the small manufacturers always available
for delivery. 

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