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Module A-168-1 is a pulsewidth modulation generator (PWM Module)

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Module A-168-1 is a pulsewidth modulation generator (PWM Module).
It derives a rectangle signal with adjustable pulsewidth from an external triangle, sawtooth or sine wave. The external signal can be an LFO, VCO or any other signal with falling/rising slopes (e.g. ADSR). In addition the pulsewidth can be modulated by a CV signal (e.g. LFO or ADSR). The typical application is the generation of a rectangle signal with PWM from VCOs or LFOs which do not yet have this feature  (e.g. A-110-4, A-145, A-147-2, A-
143-4, A-143-9).
The module is equipped with these controls and in/output:
    Manual PW control (PW)
    PWM CV Input with attenuator (PWM)
    Signal input (In)
    Output with LED control (Out)
    Inverted Output with LED control (/Out)
    Internal trimming potentiometer for PW (is adjusted for symmetrical 50:50 rectangle when the manual PW control is at center position)
    Internal trimming potentiometer for PWM range (is adjusted so that the manual PW control covers the full PW range 0 ... 100%)
    The trimming potentiometers are required to adjust the module for best operation for signals with different DC offsets (e.g. unipolar/bipolar signals) and different signal levels.
    Normally the module is assigned to another module because the trimming potentiometer have to be readjusted when the input signal changes (unless the signals have nearly the same DC offset and level)
The custom version is only a design study made with a self adhesive foil printed by a color laser printer. There are no plans to offer this version of the module. But you may use the Coreldraw file on our website A100_System.cdr to design your own front panel. It includes all currently available front panels and you may add your own background or change the size, font or color of the lines, words and symbols. That way a personal module custom module can be realized by printig the design on an self adhesive foil (e.g. Avery Zweckform 3480) and stick the foil to the module. For this the module has to be dismantled. Knobs in different
colors are also available (please refer to the price list, section A-100 accessories).
Width: 4 TE / 4 HP / 20.0 mm
Depth: 20 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel)
Current: +20mA (+12V) / -20mA (-12V)

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