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Module A-180-1 is a simple multi-connector.

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Module A-180-1 is a simple multi-connector.
It has eight inter-connected sockets, so that you can patch more inputs or outputs into any module.
The sockets are split into two groups of four.
If an 8-fold multiple is required a bridge has to be soldered at the pc board.
Even though the A-180-1 is a very "primitive" low-level module it is required very often. Within a big A-100 system sufficient multiples should be planned. 

      technical details
Width: 4 TE / 4 HP / 20.0 mm
Depth: 10 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel)
Current: +0mA (+12V) / -0mA (-12V)

2x4 Signal I/O

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