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Erica Fusion Ring Modulator – a classic design ring modulator with germanium diode ring + vacuum tube to boost and shape audio and carrier signals

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Germanium diodes enrich the sound by adding extra harmonic content
meanwhile vacuum tube adds evilish overdrive to audio and carrier signals. As result you get one of most versatile ringmodulators around!
    Germanium diode ring
    Audio transformers
    Adjustable tube overdrive on both audio and carrier inputs
    Colour switch to select between brighter and darker sound
Configurable power supply – standart eurorack +-12V conection OR eurorack +-12V plus Erica Synths Tube heater PSU
        Technical specifications:
Input signal level    up to 20V ptp
Output signal level   10V ptp
Power supply      bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard and Erica Synths 6VAC PSU
Power consumption    Tube heater PSU configuration: [email protected]+12V, [email protected], [email protected]
Eurorack PSU configuration: [email protected]+12V, [email protected]
Module width     12HP
Module depth     35mm