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Pre-Patched, Semi-Modular Synthesizer. A huge sound hiding in a small case. The System 10.1 offers direct access to a wide array of modern, analog monosynth sounds. Without a single patch cable, floor shaking bass and aggressive leads are just a few knob tweaks away.

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The System 10 is Pittsburgh Modular´s perfect entry to analog modular synthesis: a really nice sounding analog synthesizer with MIDI.
In a compact box you find a selection of modules: a semimodular synthesizer voice, a mixer/multiples, a duophonic MIDI/CV interface and an audio outputs / headphone amp. The semi-modular structure and internal normalizations make it possible to use the system without a single patch cable - ideal for beginners!
Like all Pittsburgh Systems also the System 10 consists of a number of reasonably selected components of Pittsburgh Modular. The housing is the [Cell48] box with 48 horizontal pitch (HP) space for modules. Following modules are integrated:
    The semi-modular synthsizer voice Synthesizer Box: An analog complex VCO with three mixable waveforms, FM and portamento; a lowpass gate; ADR envelope with switchable sustain; LFO with 2 time ranges, high quality VCA. All components and modulations are pre-patched internally but those normalizations can be broken up with patch cords.
    The signal splitter and mixer / attenuator Mix Mult: Two passive splitters (each 1 input and 2 outputs). One mixer with three inputs; can be used as up to three signal attenuators
    Duophonic MIDI/CV interface MIDI2 converts Note On/Off commands into control voltages and gates. Three monophonic or polyphonic modes. MIDI Clock output.
    Audio output module Outs: 2x 3,5mm inputs, 2x 6,35mm mono outputs (adjustable level), headphone amp with separate level control
You can remove and swap and thus expand the System 10 by other Eurorack modules. As usual in Eurorack-land you can re-position the modules or interchange them.
The system is delivered with wooden sides, 5 patch cords, 1 operation manual and an external power suply.
Synthesizer Block:
oscillator: 1V/oct in, Mod CV in, Blade CV in, FM CV in, Tri Out, S/B out, Sqr out, Mix out;
LFO: Triangle out, Square out
ADSR: gate in, ADSR out
LPG: CV input, signal input, signal output
VCA: CV in, signal in, signal out
Mix Mult:
Mult : each one In and 2x Out.
Mixer: 3x In and 1x Out
MIDI 2: 2x CV out, 2x CV out, Sync out, MIDI In
Outs: L&R inputs, headphone out (stereo), Out L, Out R (mono)
    Dimensions ca. 285 x 135 x 60mm
Weight 1.875 kg

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